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Introduction of Backlinks

What is free backlinks?


Free backlinks are defined as links to a webpage that originate from other webpages. Backlink has become a popular terms in the web marketing industry for ages. Backlinks are a very essential internet marketing topic. Once your web site or weblog is ready to the public, you have got to make use of search engine optimization and web directory methods. This is a very critical part of how web pages get ranked by major search engines like Google. The free backlinks mean you get the link pointing to your sites without any payment, and this is always the one our webmaster look for.

Developing backlinks to your internet site will be the basic of any search engine advertising campaign. The more quality related backlinks you are able to build for your web page, the higher position your site will achieve on search engines like Google in the normal search rankings. According to some reports, four out of 5 websites visitors come from search engine. That is why more backlinks you might have pointing to your page, the greater relevancy the search engines give for your page about the keywords that your backlinks are used.


What types of free backlinks are important?


The two types of backlinks are called do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow is always the one we have to go for, as search engine bots always pay much more attention on do-follow backlinks. You must avoid the backlink directory which will apply no-follow for their free link submission. For each type of backlinks, it comes with two alternatives, content page backlinks and domain backlinks.

The domain backlinks are the links that level to a distinct domain name and link to main URL of a website. Content page backlink, is the new concept nowadays. What is the content page backlink? The name speaks itself; it is the backlink that link to your content page instead of your site domain, such as linking to your blog post. When performing your SEO efforts it is essential to possess of both domain and content page backlinks.


Methods of obtaining backlinks in free directory


There are many different way to get backlinks. You can buy backlinks or you can do backlink exchange, but the most effective and cheapest way is to submit your backlink to web directory for both link and article submissions for higher search engine rankings. You can always get some quality free backlinks categorized by various categories in some link directories. Some site owners hire article writers to submit articles to some...

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